10-year-old Victoria came to Berlin after other clinics had refused her case as they judged the risks during operation of removing this tumor being too high.

“She is doomed to death, has less than a year to live and an operation is impossible” – these words she and her family often heard from doctors consulted. At this time the tumor had already penetrated deeply into body tissue and had deformed her spine. Victoria had no choice but to sit predominantly in a wheelchair and worse she suffered from constant pain.

in the operating room as Dr. Zurbrügg and Dr. Holger Klose Doctor Heinz R. Zurbrügg, MD PhD, specialized in the treatment of severely ill patients without hope saw an option for treatment.

The operation began – the doctors were to stand at the operating table for 10 hours without a break. Often there was silence in the operating room as Dr. Zurbrügg and Dr. Holger Klose understood each other almost without words.

“During operation, there are phases when one is very tense, as the outcome depends on every tenth of a millimeter. I think we have been able to preserve the important nerve “- said Dr. Zurbrügg. This means that there is a chance for Victoria to being able to walk again in the future.

The tumor removed had a weight of 850 grams. Already two weeks after the operation, little Victoria felt much better. She remained under the care of doctors for four weeks and then was able to go home to her family and friends and to continue her treatment and recovery in her homeland, Russia.


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