Do you have a medical problem or do you need a competent medical consultation from a highly skilled German specialist?
Then you can find exactly what you need at our out-patient medical diagnostic center CityPraxen in Berlin.

How can I contact you?

You are welcome to contact us using the contact information below:

Fax: +49 30 32 79 80 97

If you would like to talk to a staff member, please provide a telephone number, and we are happy to call you back in your language. Our translators will translate your questions and the answers of our experts.

Where should I start?

You need to send us all your relevant medical documentation (doctors’ reports and findings, operation reports, discharge papers, specialist’s report, and all other necessary information).

What happens then?

Our medical specialists will review all of your documents and will provide you with a treatment plan and quote.

What happens if I accept your offer?

You need to send us a copy of your passport together with passport-copies of the person(s) who are accompanying you. Then you need to let us know, when you want to have your first consultation take place in Berlin. This information is necessary to set up an official treatment plan for the German authorities.

How can I get the visa?

You need to sign our treatment offer and send it back to us. Then you need to make an initial deposit into our bank account. The exact amount is quoted in the document provided. After we have received the signed treatment offer and your deposit payment receipt we will confirm the scheduled date of appointments with our specialists.

CAPITAL HEALTH Hospital Group will issue an invitation for you and the person(s) who are accompanying you and will send a message to the German embassy in your home country. A copy of this message will be sent to you by email.

How do I get the visa for Germany?

You need to make an appointment at the German embassy in your home country. All visa requirements are met if you provide our invitation and the deposit-payment receipt for your medical treatment and you will get the visa for entry into Germany from the embassy.

How can I get to Germany?

You need to arrange your own travel and flight bookings. Due to various circumstances, we cannot guarantee in all cases a date for your return flight. Therefore we recommend the purchase of a flexible ticket, so you can change the date you want to fly back at any time. If you wish, we can pick you up from the airport and drive you to the hospital/hotel.

Where can I stay as an out-patient?

You need to book a hotel by yourself. We can recommend hotels near our place. Please be aware, that the cost for the accommodation is not included in the treatment quote.

For in-patient treatment, all costs for accommodation and full board service are included.

When and how will my examination/treatment take place?

Please bring all of your medical documentation with you. The exact address and information for your first consultation and your scheduled medical examinations will be sent to you ahead of your arrival.

How should I plan my return home?

If the exact treatment duration cannot be determined before your arrival, your medical specialist will discuss the date of return with you during your medical treatment.