Victoria’s last Chance

10-year-old Victoria came to Berlin after other clinics had refused her case as they judged the risks during operation of removing this tumor being too high.

“She is doomed to death, has less than a year to live and an operation is impossible” – these words she and her family often heard from doctors consulted. At this time the tumor had already penetrated deeply into body tissue and had deformed her spine. Victoria had no choice but to sit predominantly in a wheelchair and worse she suffered from constant pain.

Interview with Heinz R. Zurbrügg, MD, PhD

What is special about the concept of CAPITAL HEALTH/CityPraxen?

dr-Zurbruegg2Capital HEALTH cares for patients who need to undergo inpatient treatment and has developed its own department CityPraxen for outpatient services. It is located on the historic Friedrichstrasse, in the heart of Berlin.

Capital Health provides medical services for patients from Berlin and other parts of Germany as well as international patients. Our reliable translators help to break down language barriers as quickly as possible.

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