Contact person

  • Dirk Beyer MD, (Specialist in dermatology, skin and sexually transmitted diseases, further specialisation proctology)
  • Thomas Jelavic MD, (Specialist in surgery, further specialisation proctology)
  • Horst Loch MD (Specialist in surgery, further specialisation proctology)
  • Prof. Jörg Schüller MD, (Specialist in urology, further specialisation andrology, proctology)

Proctology deals with diseases of the large intestine (colon), rectum (rectum) and anus. Common diseases in this field are haemorrhoids, fissures, skin wrinkles, condyloma, anal incontinence and pelvic floor weakness (insufficiency).

These diseases cause itching, blood in stools and soiling of underwear. The proctologists or coloproctologists work together closely with gastroenterologists, urologists, gynaecologists and dermatologists.